@2017 Sufi Soul Sangeet 

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SUFI SOUL SANGEET is a unique collaboration of musicians who aim to share the beauty and art of devotional music from India and Pakistan, the music at the heart of sufi culture. This ensemble performs traditional and classical styles of Eastern music including Geet, Ghazal, Bhajan, Thumri, Classical and Folk songs. They combine passionate song, sophisticated raaga melodies, rhythmic tabla beats and sweet accompanying instrumentation. 

Sufi Soul Sangeet have performed in Australia, India, Bali and America, collaborating with local musicians wherever they travel. 

TAHIR QAWWAL is the lead vocalist & harmonium player, as well as musical director for the ensemble. A highly skilled performer, he has trained with some of the finest masters of classical music including his late guruji Pandit Pashupatinath Mishra (of Varanasi, India) and qawwali masters such Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Muazzam Ali Khan and Sher Ali Khan. Tahir is well known around the world for leading Qawwali music group Fanna-Fi-Allah.  He is also a teacher of vocal music and harmonium in USA and Australia. 



Bhairavi Devi is Tahir's beloved partner and long-time student of music. Her voices matches the feminine grace and melody of Eastern music. Bhairavi has studied with female teachers in Varanasi India including Shalini Prateek Sinha and Ragini Sarna. She often accompanies with the tampura, an Indian drone  instrument. 

Tabla players that Sufi Soul have played with include: Hari Om Hari (Varanasi), Yama Sarshar (Afghani tabla master), Nilan Chaudari, Chetan Ramlu, Shen Flindell, Kush Sami, Bobby Singh. 

Accompanying instrumentalists have included Sangeet Mishra (Sarangi), Vinod Prasana (Bansuri), Saraswati Dasi (Violin). 

Outstanding performances have included Bali Spirit Festival, Sydney & Byron Spirit Festivals and concerts at BEMAC (Brisbane), CERES (Melbourne).